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Popular Products for Father's Day
6.18(Sun)   Happy Father's day 2017

Here we will introduce gifts recommended for Father’s Day from popular Hawaiian fashion brands for men.
We have hand-selected Hawaiian Shirts and Hawaiian Print Neckties perfect for a Hawaiian-Style Father’s Day gift.

Popular Hawaiian Items for Father's Day

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts for Men


Hawaii T-Shirts for Men




Hawaiian Accessories

Hawaiian goods

Hawaiian goods

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Popular Hawaiian Brand for Father's Day

Pacific Legend

Prominent in their collection of clothing that implement an exquisite combination of traditional Hawaiian-style print and modern/contemporary design. Popularly known for their vibrant and stylish tropical designs, that are cool and comfortable, at a convenient price.

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Paradise Found

Paradise-style aloha shirt brand, worn in the past by famous actors in films shot here on the islands. Tropical, open-button, rayon is the standard style for this brand. Recommended for use in stage performances, basking at beach resorts, and even wedding ceremonies.

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Popular Local Brand that creates vintage Hawaiian Shirt designs inspired by the styles trending in Hawaii in the 1930s – 1950s. Avanti created a Revival Design Hawaiian Shirt that Elvis Presley wore back in the days, and has celebrities like popular American Music Artist Bruno Mars wearing their line regularly. Avanti also has matching Ladies and Kid’s clothing available!

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Hawaiian Goods

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