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Purchased Item: Ladies Elastic Sundress [Big Hibiscus / Black & Red]

Review from Los Osos,California    05/16/2015
Better than I ever expected. The dress is absolutely beautiful and fits like a dream.

Purchased Item: Good Times 610DDL Muumuu Dress [Tiare / Purple]

Review from Yuma,Arizona    05/16/2015
I purchased this dress for my late wife,
she would have loved it. I needed to make sure it fit the size really need to on spot. The customer assistance was great in getting back to me with her proper size. As a result my wife looked amazing on the day of her memorial service.

Purchased Item: PL 334-3799 Ruffle Long Muumuu [Black]

Review from Kaneohe,Hawaii    05/08/2015
Love this dress! I was part of a faculty hula on May Day. This dress was perfect! It moves very well, fits very well and is beautiful.

Purchased Item: PL 334-3799 Ruffle Long Muumuu [Blue]

Review from Murrieta,California    05/03/2015
Picture doesn't do justice..The dress is stunning and received a lot of compliments! Thank you again for the superb customer service! Will definitely comeback for more!

Purchased Item: PL 321-3162 Tank Long Dress [Navy]

Review from Whittier,California    03/26/2015
Just right for summer wear...either for eating out or
beach cover-up. Luv the pattern...flowers are pretty!!