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Guess the Winner and Get a $100 Gift Card (1 Person)!

The Merrie Monarch Festival is a week-long Hawaiian cultural festival that takes place annually in Hilo, Hawaii. It honors King David Kalakaua, who was called the "Merrie Monarch" for his patronage of the arts and is credited with restoring many Hawaiian cultural traditions during his reign, including the hula.
Many halau hula (schools), including some from the U.S. mainland and some international performers, attend the festival each year to participate in exhibitions and competitions. The festival has received worldwide attention and is considered the most prestigious of all hula contests.
This year's Merrie Monarch Festival features a Hula competition between 23 halau hula (schools).
To show our aloha and to share in the spirit of the Merrie Monarch festival, Aloha Outlet is offering a $100 Aloha Outlet gift card to one person who guesses the winner of the 2017 Merrie Monarch Festival. One winner will be chosen randomly from all participants who pick this year's Hula competition winner.

+ $20 Gift Cards will be presented to all other participants that guess correctly.
+ ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS will receive a coupon for $5 OFF orders of more than $100 will be presented.

Keep your eyes on your email! We notify all winners and send all coupon codes for entrants by email.

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Merrie Monarch Fesitival 2019 Hālau & Kumu Hula

1.Halau: Hālau Hula Olana  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu Olana and Howard Ai & Shelsea Ai Apana
2.Halau: Hālau I Ka Wēkiu  (wahine & kāne)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu Karl Veto Baker & Michael Casupang
3.Halau: Hālau Nā Mamo O Puʻuanahulu  (wahine & kāne)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu William Kahakuleilehua Haunuʻu Sonny Ching & Lōpaka Igarta-De Vera
4.Halau: Beamer-Solomon Hālau O Po‘ohala   (wahine & kāne)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Hula Hulali Solomon Covington
5.Halau: Keolalaulani Hālau ‘Ōlapa O Laka  (wahine & kāne)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Hula Keolalaulani Dalire
6.Halau: Hālau Ka Liko Pua O Kalaniākea  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Kapua Dalire-Moe
7.Halau: Hālau Keolakapuokalani   (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Hula Drake Keolakapu Dudoit Delaforcé
8.Halau: Hālau Mōhala ‘Ilima  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Māpuana de Silva
9.Halau: Hālau Hula ʻO Kahikilaulani  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Hula Nāhōkūokalani Gaspang
10.Halau: Keali‘ika‘apunihonua Ke‘ena A‘o Hula  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Leimomi Ho
11.Halau: Hālau Ka Lei Mokihana o Leinā‘ala  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Leinā‘ala Pavao Jardin
12.Halau: Hālau‘O Lilinoe  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu Hula Sissy & Lilinoe Kaio
13.Halau: Hula Hālau ‘O Kamuela  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu Kau‘ionālani Kamana‘o & Kunewa Mook
14.Halau: Hālau Hiʻiakaināmakalehua  (wahine & kāne)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu Robert Ke‘ano Ka‘upu IV & Lono Padilla
15.Halau: Hālau O Ka Hanu Lehua  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Kamaka Kukona
16.Halau: Ka Lā ‘Ōnohi Mai O Ha‘eha‘e  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu Tracie & Keawe Lopes
17.Halau: Kawailiʻulā  (wahine & kāne)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Chinky Māhoe
18.Halau: Hālau Kekuaokalā‘au‘ala‘iliahi  (wahine & kāne)
Kumu Hula: Nā Kumu Haunani & ‘Iliahi Paredes
19.Halau: Ke Kai O Kahiki  (kāne)
Kumu Hula: Kumu La‘akea Perry
20.Halau: Kawai‘ulaokalā  (kāne)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Keli‘iho‘omalu Puchalski
21.Halau: Ka Leo O Laka I Ka Hikina O Ka Lā  (kāne)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Kaleo Trinidad
22.Halau: Hālau Hula Ka Lehua Tuahine  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Ka‘ilihiwa Vaughan-Darval
23.Halau: Hālau Kala‘akeakauikawēkiu  (wahine)
Kumu Hula: Kumu Hula Kenneth “Aloha” Victor