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What to Pack for Hawaii

What to Pack for Hawaii

Knowing what to pack for Hawaii can vary depending on what you want to do. Are you going on an adventure or planning a relaxing vacation? Is it to enjoy a family vacation or live it up at a party? Maybe it’s all of the above? Regardless of what your plans may be, knowing what to pack will help you to get the most out of your experience.

We also are providing a few examples of things to see, do, and eat to help with a few fun ideas. Nothing beats local advice and we have provided a few of our favorites. The last thing you want to be doing is getting stuck in shopping lines when you can be relaxing on an empty beach. This guide will help you to plan for your next exotic adventure.

what to pack for relaxation

What to Pack for Relaxation

Hawaii is the perfect place to relax and get away for a while. With a wide assortment of hotels, beaches, restaurants, and spas you can definitely find something to help you get away from your everyday life. Packing for comfort will help you get the most out of your time. Rayon is the perfect material to blend comfortable lightweight garments with versatility that will last a long time. In addition, carrying a large bag that you can easily throw your belongings into at all times will help to bring everything you need and avoid having to fuss around with additional baggage. Here are few additional ideas that will help to maximize the most out of your relaxing vacation.

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For Her

Travel Goods

Things to do on vacation

Ko olina Lagoons
Ko Olina Lagoons

Ko Olina Lagoons is the perfect location for relaxing on the beach. It is located on the west side of Oahu which is often less crowded compared to Waikiki. Especially if you are staying at a resort hotel on the west side, this is the best beach to visit. With a walking path that connects all of the lagoons, as well as the calm clear waters, you are sure to find a quiet place to relax. Parking is available but limited so get there early.

Tommy Bahama restaurant
Tommy Bahama restaurant

Tommy Bahama may be a clothing brand, but did you know they also have restaurants? Tommy Bahama has a great restaurant in Waikiki that is a bit further from many other restaurants but it provides a nice atmosphere where you can sit, relax, and have some delicious food. They also provide a wide variety of food options that are only limited to its Hawaii location. Our recommendation is to go for a quick rest break during off hours because it usually isn’t very crowded, and you can enjoy the lounge area and some delicious pupus.

Packing for your Hawaii Adventure

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