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Paradise Found Hawaiian Shirts
Paradise Found (パラダイス ファウンド) 通販


Paradise Found is a Hawaiian clothing brand that has been creating Hawaiian clothing that is still made in Hawaii till this day. While many other companies have exported their manufacturing process to other states or countries, Paradise Found takes pride in the fact that their products are manufactured in Hawaii. All the designs have been created in Hawaii by local designers that understand Hawaii and the “Hawaiian look” that Paradise found has become famous for.

Paradise Found (パラダイス ファウンド) 通販


Paradise found was founded in 1978 and has been in continuous operation producing Hawaiian clothing for more than 40 years. Some of their most iconic prints are well over 20 years old and the design is still something that will get people’s attention today. You may remember Tom Selleck’s iconic Hawaiian Shirt from Magnum PI; (which BTW is in the Smithsonian) that print was created by Paradise Found and has been featuring in many other TV shows since. To this day, many celebrities keep coming back to Paradise Found for the history of classic designs and prints that seem to transcend time and bring you back to an earlier era.

Paradise Found (パラダイス ファウンド) 通販


Since the beginning, Paradise Found always worked to create and manufacture products of the highest quality that you expect from a product that is manufactured in the USA. Paradise Found also makes sure to pay attention to every detail from things like special buttons that aren’t sold anywhere else to being one of the earliest companies to make Hawaiian shirts with matching chest pockets. Their signature rayon material and refined manufacturing products always leads to the best possible products for memorable memories.

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