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Measuring Your Body|Original Hula Dress

Points on How to Measure Your Body

  • Measuring yourself is difficult, and, in turn, will be inconsistent. Having someone else measure your body is recommended.
  • When the order is for a group, having one person do everyone's measurements helps to reduce inconsistencies.
  • Please measure with back straight, relaxed shoulders, relaxed stomach, and a natural posture.
  • Please measure yourself with the same undergarment you would use when wearing the dress. Sizing will differ with what undergarment you are wearing.
  • Please measure wearing the footwear you intend to wear the dress with. If you will be barefoot when wearing the dress please measure your body while barefoot.

Measurement Fill-Out Form

Measurements are not required upon placing an order.
After an order has been placed, we will send you a measurement fill-out form you may fill out and send back.

How to determine a Size and Needed Adjustments

The manufacturer will suggest a size (XP – 3XL) and adjustment(s) to best fit each individual, referring to the measurement form provided in the previous step.
We will send you an e-mail with your order information, and if there are no changes needed or requests please send a reply confirming the information is correct.

Size Adjustments

We have a range of 8 sizes, XP – 3XL.
The cost to adjust the bust, waist, and hip will be $11.00 per portion, and $22.00 (Velvet Dress $30.00) for dress length adjustments.

How to Measure

1 Bust

Measuring along the fullest part of your chest, wrapping around in a straight horizontal line.

*Please note the measuring tape tends to slack and lower near the shoulder blade.

2 Waist

Measure along the smallest part of your waist, wrapping around in a straight horizontal line.

*Please measure your waist without tensing up or tucking in your stomach, as doing so may result in lack of room to move comfortably.

3 Hip

Measure along the largest part of your hip, wrapping around in a straight horizontal line.

*Please measure your hip 6 – 7 in. below your waist.

4 Dress Full Length

Measure starting from the back of the base of your neck, vertically straight down to the floor.

*Please do not measure along your body, and pull the measuring tape straight from the back of the base of your neck down to the floor.